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15 FlexxTheme WordPress Themes – Flexx from iThemes

Some reasons to choose FlexxTheme:
1. There are 1,056 Layout possibilities
2. Plug-n-Play Graphics
3. SEO optimized
4. Eazy to use
5. No coding required
Live Demos for all FlexxTheme WordPress Themes
Flexx Camo – http://flexxtheme.ithemes.com/camo/
Flexx Sports Fan – http://flexxtheme.ithemes.com/sportsfan/
Flexx Blue – http://flexxtheme.ithemes.com/blue/
Flexx Green – http://flexxtheme.ithemes.com/green/
Flexx Orange – http://flexxtheme.ithemes.com/orange/
Flexx Red – http://flexxtheme.ithemes.com/red/
Flexx Uncorked – http://flexxtheme.ithemes.com/uncorked/
Flexx Professional http://flexxtheme.ithemes.com/professional
Flexx Dark http://flexxtheme.ithemes.com/dark
Flexx Candy Apple – http://flexxtheme.ithemes.com/candyapple
Flexx Sensation – http://flexxtheme.ithemes.com/sensation/
Flexx Bold – http://flexxtheme.ithemes.com/
Flexx Canvas http://flexxtheme.ithemes.com/canvas/
Flexx Canvas Arial – http://flexxtheme.ithemes.com/canvasarial
Flexx Canvas Georgia – http://flexxtheme.ithemes.com/canvasgeorgia
NOTE: This themes’ pack is very powerful, after activating the themes, a “Flexx Theme” menu will appear in the sidebar of your wordpress dashboard. From there you can learn and customize your theme according to your need.

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Business Card Theme for Professionals by iThemes

Business Card is a simple, clean and sharp theme designed for small business websites andpersonal branding. It’s ideal for personal coaches, consultants and independent professionals.
Business Card theme comes in 7 flavors or pre-built color styles: Black, Blue, Green, Grey, Pink, Red and White.
Business Card Demo: http://businesscard.ithemes.com/

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